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Valium Online Uk Delivery, Valium Australia Online

Clementine Silk Shortie

Availability: Out of stock

Beautiful flirty Silk Crepe de Chine Shortie
Body skimming lines with delicate pin tucks on the side & lace applique detail.
Lace trim detail around the hem & soft picot elastic at the waist.
The Centre front has a vintage style lace bow.
Perfect from Beach to Boudoir
Available in Creme.

100% Silk (excluding trims)
Hand wash only / Cool iron


Beautiful flirty Silk Crepe de Chine Shortie Body skimming lines with delicate pin tucks on the side & lace applique detail. Lace trim detail around the hem & soft picot elastic at the waist. The Centre front has a vintage style lace bow. Perfect from Beach to Boudoir Available in Creme. 100% Silk (excluding trims) Hand wash only / Cool iron