I have collected vintage lingerie & slip dresses for over 20 years, focusing on the 20’s & 30’s eras of which I am consumed.

I love everything from this beautiful era of Decadence, Excess & Romance, from the architecture, jewellery to interiors & works of art. It is endlessly inspiring!

The languid approach to Luxury & wealth I find irresistible thus inspiring our Shell Belle Couture collections, our beautiful fabrics include washed silks.

Our vintage styled silk crepe-de-chine which are adorned with exclusive in-house designed embroidery or French leavers lace. Our vintage style silk Crepe de chine has meticulous applique French lace details which epitomize our luxury pieces.


I personally feel that the Roaring 20’s was a cultural explosion of self-indulgence, self-expression and hedonism, whilst jazz music blossomed & the Art Deco movement exploded the Flapper Girls were not only empowered but having the time of their lives, whilst discovering the pleasures of a newly affluent society.

The Shell Belle Couture brand pays homage to this era and combines the delicate touches & feminine details that have long been forgotten. With heirloom intricacy we use our highly skilled machinists to create the Shell Belle Couture styles working with the finest silks & French Leavers laces.

The look of the 20’s was a pure statement of elegance & glamour; the looks are refined, timeless & breathtakingly beautiful! In over twenty years I haven’t tired of this period, my personal obsession continues…